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Our Pricing.

4KG Of dry ice
8KG Of dry ice

Dry Ice Machine Features

cloudy effects
Our machine produces a thick cloudy special effects which is perfect for bridal dance or stageshows.
100% Safe
It's a frozen Co2 which as it warms disperses into the air makes it safe to use for indoor activities.
low lying fog
This smoke effects sits on the floor and doesn't reach the ceiling nor triggering the smoke alarm.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes. We do have 20m public liability insurance covered which most venues in NSW are asking for. You can download our certificate of currency on this website or you could shoot us email and we’ll could it directly to your venue.

For weddings, they can be use for the following:

  1. Bridal entrance (4kg of dry ice)
  2. First dance (4kg of dry ice) 

Total dry ice required is 8kg for both.

For stage shows or school performances, please enquire via email.

From unloading the equipment on our vehicle to the area where we need to set up, approximately about 90 minutes. If for example your event starts from 6pm to 10pm, our team should be there 430pm to set up for a 6pm start. 

Our website accepts payment via Stripe and PayPal using your debit card or credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. Alternatively, you may also pay by PayID or via electronic transfer using our nominated bank account (contact us for details).

Dry Ice Machine

Why not make your first dance extra special with a Dry Ice Machine? The most singularly effective product to make your first dance stand out. Most of the people knows this effect as the dancing on the clouds, watch as the dry ice ripples across the floor as you approach for the first dance. It creates a unique mist of romance and love. The first dance is one of the most remembered parts of a wedding; make it last a lifetime with the dancing on the clouds effect.

The dry ice effect on one fill usually lasts for around 3 minutes and takes approximately 45 mins to get to temperature. Lots of wedding venue's have banned smoke and haze machine but dry ice is different as it does not set off smoke alarms as it is frozen Co2 which as it warms disperses into the air.

Booking Form

To book online:

 01. Fill out details below to receive the quotation and invoice via email.

02. Pay booking fee on the invoice tab of the client’s portal upon accepting the quote. 

03. Lastly, sign the contract to confirm your booking.

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